Exhibition Stall Designer in Mumbai: Expectations vs. Reality

You expect a lot of things when you are participating in the exhibition. But that does not mean all your desired expectations are fulfilled.

Most of the companies do expect a lot from local exhibition stall designers and the results don’t turn out to be the same.

There are many startups and small business owners who are disappointed with the local exhibition stall designers in Mumbai areas.

There is a lot of difference between expectation and reality. While dealing with exhibition stall designers in Mumbai. you need to understand the base reality and what exactly you can expect from them.

As the stall designing trends are constantly changing and new creativities are being made every second day, therefore you need to keep a strategic local exhibition stall designer with you who at list matches with some of the expectations.

In this blog, we will see some expectations that exhibitors have from exhibition stall designers in Mumbai and what exactly is the reality. Also, whether it is right to even keep these expectations.

EXPECTATION: Wants creative stall at the lowest prices.


No, the reality is far away from the expectation. We know that bargaining is a very important factor to get stall designing done with the lowest pricing.

First of all, do you just want to only participate in the exhibition or you want to seek the attention of visitors? Now the question is arise is, what’s the difference?

Well if you want to generate high ROI and stand out as a unique BRAND then you must want to attract visitor’s attention in you, not in something else.

What you are paying for the same you will get. And here’s the more than 78% exhibitors fail to execute their brand concept from local stall designers.

The most important thing don’t forget about your brand importance. Hoping that executing creativity at cheap prices are always kills the uniqueness of a brand concept and why your brand stands different than others.

The reality is no one can execute creativity and innovative ideas as low as you want.

EXPECTATION: Got an offer at a low rate they are good stall designers.


You might think of getting a good offer for stall designing in Mumbai at a very low rate means that the exhibition stall designer is best and good in the industry.

Reality bit far from this. As I know more than 60% of the local exhibition stall designers in Mumbai have cheated or fail to deliver the exhibitor’s desired expectation.

They offer a low rate because they fabricate in bulk and the same that kind of stall designers in Mumbai don’t focus on quality.

The reality is you need to understand the strategy. The low cost you are offered from the cheap services you are going to get.

You can easily predefined your exhibition stall fabrication cost with a cost calculator and know the actual standard stall designing cost in Mumbai.

EXPECTATION: Stall designing don’t want planning! Just design and build


It doesn’t matter big or small. If you are going to participate in the exhibition, you need to be well planned. Once your business has participated in the exhibition, exhibition stall designing is very essential for your brand promotion.

If anyone is interested in your product or service, the first thing he will do is, look for your stall and then he/she will start to make the assumption on your brand.

Many exhibitors having the misconception on stall designing and its execution that stall designers can make it happen within a few days.

But the reality is creativity takes time to design and the same gives a suitable and quality time to execute.

EXPECTATION: No need to disclose budget before exhibition stall designing.

No need to disclose budget before exhibition stall designing


According to the services of the exhibition stall designer’s company, it can design your exhibition stall as per your detailed requirement.

But, it’s not going to most suitable for your promotional budget, If you want to get the most out of your predefined budget you have to disclose all your detailed requirements with the estimated budget.

Some good stall designing companies are good at play around creative design and your marketing budget.The truth is, the right exposure at the right place means the best outcome with the desired expectation.

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