Easy Ways To Attract More Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

Easy Ways To Attract More Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

The Exhibition, this word itself surrounds with quality and trait. When it’s about the promote your brand, the exhibition is one of the best platforms to pitch your potential clients.

And when your company taking the part in this trade, the main question is how you will make this participation worthy? and will generate the best Return of Interest (ROI), Because taking a part in the exhibition’s is the most expensive promotional activity in nature. But, It’s having their benefit depends on who and how they will keep.

And the very first place to make your exhibition more worthy the attracting visitors on your stand is the essential key to make your brand success.

The most challenging part is that visitors are getting distracted while you are not alone who took the part in this trade. In this situation attracting visitors on your stand is everything for you to let visitors know you have better than others.

Before we get to start with how to attract visitors to your exhibition stand first let’s know

Who are your visitors?

Targeted Exhibition Audiance

The visitors can be anyone who is unknown with your brand, your product, and the services which you provide or might be they know your brand already. But don’t underestimate who they will be.

They can be your serious buyers, who come to that one place to look around find their perfect needs and It can be your company.

The exhibition tends to always gather the right customers at the right place. And those customers are walking around you as being the visitor to the exhibition.

Taking the seriousness of how the visitors are important for your company, this footprint can grab the visitor’s attention at the exhibition. But, you need to understand these steps.

1. Promote before the exhibition

How visitors or existing customers will know about your participation in the Exhibition

To stay top of mind with a captive exhibition targeted audiences, it’s essential to maximize your advertising and marketing output throughout the trade show cycle. Email marketing is an excellent way to reach out to the audience and generate awareness about your brand.

Emails before the event are often deemed to have the biggest impact.

A. The best way to let know your customers your company participating in the exhibition is to add your exhibition poster below the email signature with Booth No and the date of the exhibition.

B. Starting your email campaign two weeks in advance with the 3 sequences

  • First before two weeks
  • Then a second one week before
  • The final one should be before the exhibition date

Be strategic and ensure your message is heard, with time to establish a relationship with the audience.

2. Pre-Show social engagement

Nowadays, Social media is a great platform to know your followers about your brand activities. The best practice is to engage more people by posting your excitement about your participation and the specific promotional activities in an innovative manner.

You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social platform where your targeted audience is.

3. Stall location

Exhibiton Stand Location

Many exhibitors often undermine the impact of selecting the right location for the exhibition stall. A good stall location can play a major role in pulling visitors towards your stall.

Here are some strategic location can help you with attracting more visitors to your exhibition stall are as follows:

  • Near the seminars and conferences
  • Catering on the exhibition floor
  • Corners
  • Near the Social Campaign run by the organizers
  • The entrance of the Exhibition Hall

4. Exhibition stand with precise branding

Exhibiton Stand Branding

To Stand out against your competitor and draw the attention of the visitors, at first sight, an Attractive exhibition stall is playing a vital role for you.

Many of the exhibitors ruled their brand image, not to keep their own company themes to display their products and services. The best practice is that don’t highlight too many products at once, prioritize some of the lists and instruct your stall designer to make precise branding for you.

5. Accessible from any side to anyone

Visible Exhibition Stand

I always suggest my clients and other exhibitors, to go for more than 1 sided opened the stall. And many times it depends upon what you would be going to display.

But don’t block any visibility from outside to inside the stand, always keep transparency. So visitors can look something interesting stuff has kept inside.

6. Emphasized the product display with the theme and demos

Product Display at Exhibition Stand

As every visitor is always looking for a handpicked product, which they can look, feel, judge and select by themselves. Create and Select the product theme carefully with a particular purpose in mind which should maintain the authenticity of the product.

7. Trained staff

The company representative who is going to promote your brand in the exhibition should be experienced and trained with product or service knowledge.

And the same, Trained your staff before the exhibition how to be more interactive and helpful for the visitors and share the essential information which visitors required about the product. The representative should know what kind of precaution needs to taken during the demonstration of the product.

The representative should the opportunity to look more professional in nature.

8. Comfortable for visitor


The Exhibition can be Mind-Boggling for some visitors because visitors are constantly bombarded with many marketing messages and sales pitches.

You can grab visitor’s attention to your stand by providing a relaxing and welcoming environment. Keep your stand simple and easily accessible. Try to include comfortable seating areas.

Offering beverages like tea, coffee can also attract more visitors and gives the opportunity to engage them in the discussion.

9. Comment wall

Exhibition Comment Wall

The comment wall is a great opportunity to help guide the public to recognize your exhibition stand. It’s a chance to communicate directly with the viewers to understand your point of view and get them excited and curious.

You can use the comment wall to claim or argument to introduce evidence, reviews.

10. Goodies (Giveaways)

Exhibition Stand Gift

If you are going to have some giveaways on show, try to make them as attractive as possible. Everyone loves a freebie. Promoting a giveaway on your stand could increase footfall. Giveaways that are highly visual, like sweets or goody bags, will also help attract more visitors onto your stand.

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